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One of the major benefits of Gapotape is that it is easy to install: simply cut the rigid insulation panel 8mm smaller than the aperture it’s going into; attach the tape to the edges of the board using the self-adhesive wings; and squeeze the panel into position (e.g. between rafters). The resulting tight fit can accommodate up to 12mm of movement, so the insulation will maintain a good seal even as the timber expands and contracts or the structure settles – ensuring air-tightness throughout the life of the building

Gapotape is a revolutionary new product that has been specifically designed to eliminate the performance gap and form a thermal seal around the edges of rigid insulation panels in floors, roofs and walls.

Up until now, rigid insulation has been impossible to install between rafters, studs and joists without airgaps as even the most meticulous installations suffer from inevitable shrinkage, warping and movement of timber elements. This means that the ‘as built’ U-value of rigid insulation is much less than its ‘as specified’ U-value.

This ‘performance gap’ is one of the biggest issues in the construction sector and is a problem for almost all insulation types, most of which have no remedy. BBA testing illustrates that with Gapotape, rigid insulation’s ‘as-built’ performance can be up to 5 times better as it will constantly expand to fill any space around the board. No other rigid product is capable of expanding on all sides in this manner making rigid insulation fitted with Gapotape truly unique in this application.

Gapotape offers the first holistic non-permeable insulation solution. For the consumer this will ultimately result in a more comfortable living environment, not to mention £1,000’s of fuel savings throughout the lifetime of the build.