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Trusses and Web Joists

Trussed Rafters have proved to be an efficient, safe and economical method for supporting roofs since their introduction into the UK in 1964. They are manufactured by specialist timber engineering companies who supply to all sections of the construction industry. Developments have been extensive and today complex roofscapes are easily formed with computer designed trussed rafters.

Here at English Brothers in our Truss department our technical staff are trained to enable us to specialise in complex rooms of all types & sizes and thus enabling us to provide a fast quotation which is free of charge for any job ranging from domestic extensions to large scale developments. We have all of the latest most advanced software to create detailed, accurate quotes.

Our trusses are manufactured using only TR26 graded timber and Wolf galvanised connector plates on a Hydraulic Platen Press which eliminates prior positioning of the nail plates by hammer.

Our Web Joists are manufactured by pressing on a uni-roll. The open web design allows for easier installation of services without the need to notch or drill holes for pipes and cables. Other benefits include being precision produced in our factory reducing wastage on-site. They are lighter in weight than traditional joists making installation easier and quicker especially on longer spans. There is also less vibration and less noise.