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A door drip is an excellent solution to bridge the gap between the lipping of a door and a threshold. The door drip has specially designed grooves and holes to protect against water damage.


  • The door drip has a curved, rounded profile which adds decoration as well as functionality

  • Pine can be easily installed using adhesive, screws or pins depending on the size of the product and the end use

  • Door drips go well with doors of a similar or exact timber and finish for a consistent look

  • All of our mouldings are made to exact measures under strict quality guidelines

  • Our Pine products are made using a lightweight, straight grained softwood which is easy to work with. Due to its strength, elasticity and relatively low cost, pine is a popular choice to be used in a variety of projects.

  • To finish off pine, lightly sand before applying wood stain, varnish or a lacquer