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Reflective Breathable Membrane

The emissivity of a material is the ability of its surface to emit energy by radiation. The lower the emissivity value, the more reflective the material is – and the better the material performs as a thermal insulation layer in combination with an air gap. With an emissivity value of <0.04, the Partel ECHOFOIL EXO membrane improves thermal comfort and enhances airtightness in any type of building. Used in conjunction with ECHOFOIL IZO it increases thermal performance further and helps to deliver low U-values.


  • Low emissivity value

  • Enhances thermal performance with an of R-Value 0.78 m2K/W

  • Highly breathable membrane with low Sd value (0.08 m)

  • Windtight and waterproof

  • Optimal UV Stability

  • Humidity controlling and insulating properties.

  • Can be easily recycled due to the PP material.

  • Cost savings


  • External use

  • Roof and wall applications

  • Onsite or offsite construction

  • Timber frame, masonry and any type of buildings.