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Protect FCM 750 floor cassette membrane is a vapour permeable air barrier specifically developed to maintain the integrity of the airtightness system at difficult intermediate floor junctions.

The product is entirely water resistant and airtight through the membrane itself yet remains highly vapour permeable to minimise the risk of harmful condensation forming at the vulnerable edges of the floor cassette. Protect lap and sealing tapes are also available separately to provide the correct seal to the internal air and vapour control layer.

Features & benefits

  • Highly vapour permeable in excess of the minimum value required for wall membranes.

  • Completely water tight and airtight.

  • 2 roll widths for standard, deeper or acoustic floor cassette types.

  • Can be used as a temporary weather protection.

  • Suitable for use in other applications where airtightness is required but without vapour control.

  • UKCA and CE marked.