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This strong wire fencing system is designed mainly for equine uses, however it will also fit the requirements for other needs, such as:

  • Paddock safety

  • Boundary security

  • Livestock areas

  • Forest and land boundaries

The wire fence system is built to be durable and long-lasting in order to reduce the maintenance costs and risk of breakages in the fence line. Therefore, ensuring that your paddock perimeter is securely guarded at all times.



·         Suitable for: Sheep, pigs and cows

·         Overall height: 80cm / 800mm

·         No. of line wires: 8

·         Distance between vertical wires: 15cm / 150mm

·         Distance between horizontal wires: Variable (see product image for mesh pattern)

·         Wire gauge: 3.15mm top/bottom wire, 2.5mm infills

·         Knot type: Hinge joint

·         Features XTREME reinforced coating, a protection that lasts 3-4 times longer than commercially galvanised stock fence


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