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The Senco premium fuel cells are especially designed for use under all circumstances and weather (-18°C to 50°C). This offers a stable gas mixture in a wide range of operating temperatures and also the best performance in low temperatures. The fuel cells have a long shelf life and will keep their performance 24 months after production. They come with the metering valve mounted and a protection of the tip. After removing the tip protection the cell is ready to operate.


Large fuel cell suitable for use with first fix nailers from the following brands:

  • Hitachi / Hikoki

  • Senco

  • Makita

  • Bostitch


  • Quantity: 2 Canisters

  • H222: Extremely Flammable Aerosol

  • H229: Pressurised Container may Burst if Heated

  • Ingredients: Propane, Isobutane & Butanes

  • Fuel Cell Type: 40 g / 80 ml

  • Shots per Fuel Cell: 1,200

  • Operating Temperature Range: -18-50 °C