£2,019.52£2,613.17 £1,682.93

£2,019.52 £1,682.93
£2,204.05 £1,836.71
£2,482.68 £2,068.90
£2,153.09 £1,794.24
£2,272.52 £1,893.77
£2,613.17 £2,177.64


The premium range Ox shed is designed and handmade by English Brothers. It comes with three paned perspex, fixed windows on one of the longer sides, double doors on one of the shorter sides and is supplied with a heavy duty Brenton Bolt and Strong T Hinges. It’s made with pressure treated wood and the framework is 2″x3″ structural grade timber so it’s perfectly suited for anyone looking for something that’s heavy duty and hard wearing.


Our sheds are made to order so they can be altered to suit your needs and now with the optional extra of a Coroline Roof.


Please contact us to discuss further if you’re looking for something different to our online range.


Our sheds have been selling fast this year. An extended lead time may apply to some sizes, please check with our retail team for further information.